Hostoak - Live in Iturriotz

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The writer Herman Hesse and the musician Olmo Cascallar. The author of the book Der Steppenwolf and the one who has musicalized the play. The first result of this relationship was the disc Estepako Otsoa (Steppenwolf). Thanks to experimental rock he has told the story, has drawn different landscapes and always well accompanied by good friends. The adventure did not end there, and took them to perform live in the natural environment of Lur Paisajistak, in Iturriotz (Oiartzun). That intimate event, it is what we will find in Live in Iturriotz.

Inaxio Esnaola Aranzadi

Tour dates

Tour dates

22-04-2018 Donosti, EH Undermount
27-05-2018 Donosti, EH Olatu talka